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Field Conditions

Parks are open from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted below. You can also call the Field Condition Hotline at 630.260.6000 x4131 for field conditions.

Organized league play requires a permit from the Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department.

Conditions were last updated: 5/17/2024 2:52:01 PM

Baseball/Softball Fields:

Field Open/Closed Condition Notes
Camera Ballfield Open
Nazos Ballfield East Open
Nazos Ballfield West Open
Nazos Soccer Fields Open
Ollman Ballfield Open
Reskin Ballfield Open


Field Open/Closed Condition Notes
Camera Soccer Field #1 Open
Camera Soccer Field #2 Open
Camera Soccer Field #3 Open
Camera Soccer Field #4 Open
Ollman Soccer Fields Open


Field Open/Closed Condition Notes


Field Open/Closed Condition Notes

At time of inclement weather, some fields may be closed due to poor conditions.

Thor Guard

The Village also uses a system called Thor Guard. Thor Guard is a computerized system that can predict the probability of a lightning strike within 8-20 minutes before it will strike. When the probability of lighting is detected within the area, the system will sound a uninterrupted warning horn for 15 seconds, and a strobe light will turn on. When the Thor Guard system is activated, everyone must immediately leave the park and seek shelter. Once the system determines weather conditions are safe, it will give an "all clear" by turning off the strobe light and sounding three short four-second blasts on the horn. Once given the all clear, normal activity may resume.