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Picture of memorial tree

The Village of Glendale Heights Memorial Program allows residents the chance to commemorate a birth, honor a friend or remember a loved one. The Village offers several option in the Memorial Program:

Memorial Tree

You may purchase a memorial tree for $500, which includes a 8" x 6" bronze dedication plaque.

Memorial Bench

If a tree doesn't interest you, you may purchase a memorial bench for $3,000, which also includes a 2" x 10" bronze dedication plaque.

Memorial Brick Pavers

Picture of memorial brick

Alternatively, you may purchase a brick paver for $100, which is placed in our award winning Veterans Memorial Park. You may purchase a brick for anyone, but bricks purchased to honor a veteran will be placed in the circle around the globe. The branch the veteran served in must be on the brick for it to be placed in the Veteran's Circle.

If you would like to purchase a memorial tree, bench, or paver, please complete and submit a Park Memorial Request Form, and submit it to the Sports Hub. If you have any questions, please contact us at 630.909.5393.